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Today transfers has become a real issue. Payment of construction bills international is a real nightmare.

AVISPay offers to its Franchise members and new Investors the overall solution for construction bill payments and equipment orders.

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a)  You select the required product for volume of your transfer amount
b)  You hit the checkout button and pay using the payment system at jour juice (MT102 serial, IP2IP Server or Debit/Credit Cards
c)  We create a new AVISPay account in your name if all goes well
d)  50% will be accredited into your new own (gold/diamond) account and 50% of the paid amount we use for the equipment production

Please note: All products remain a property of AVIS until fully paid
Read carefully Terms and Conditions
If you interested we maintain a secured trading platform
Read all about non recourse loans (password protected)

Agent, Broker or Facilitator. You are fully protected at any time

Of course you are authorized to register YOUR project. However you must claim your commission with name and email address of the transaction you have registered with us.
We will create for you your own account in AVIS Bank
If you are interested to become a AVIS Agent click here
Contact to Team by Skype ID: “avisglobal”
info@avisbank.com / +356 35505500
Read all about


Secured SWIFT MT103/202(manual)
Debit Card Force payment / online
B2B / FX4 / DTC / Target2
IP Server direct / SEPA / SEPA debit
VISANet / Western Union / PayPal
BITCOIN/ Amazone Pay / Apple Pay
AVISPay Fintech transfer

For secured Card payments please download the Credit-Debit Card authorisation form here.  Add the Card picture into the form, fill the details and upload secured here to the back office.

For IP 2 IP transfers & payments please download the Franchise JV form here.  Fill all the details and upload secured here to the back office. The server operator will contact you providing server coordinates and setup a screen time session for transact. However you must be a Franchise Member of AVIS. How I become Franchise?

Or you register your payment direct with the AVIS Bank Backoffice team

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