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VORTEX Mill UNIT with automatic Backing Unit for 10MT each hour and shorting resonance tubes UNIT for 30 different Nano Powder elements


What is the VORTEX Mill

In the resonant vortex mill a new technology of contactless milling of materials is applied when the milling processes are carried out due to the air tornadoes, artificially created in a closed volume of the process chamber of the vortex mill. The equipment created on the basis of the technology of resonant vortex milling, allows to mill any material – from liquids, wheat grain to diamonds. The effect of destruction of materials of any hardness is caused by creation of zones of pressure gradients in the vortex mill up to hundreds of thousands of atmospheres, by emergence of multicascade resonance and collision of particles. These effects are similar to those that occur in the tornado air column generated by nature. The second (resonance) milling mechanism is associated with the generation of the wave oscillations with a frequency range from sonic to supersonic (100 MHz and up) in a mill. In such a wide range of vibrations for the milling material particles of any size, the frequency equal to resonant particles can be found. This mechanism is able to produce micronization measured in hundredths and thousandths parts of micron (0.01-0.001 mm). The third (impact) mechanism for material milling is the mutual collision of particles. In the resonant vortex mills, the collision of particles makes a negligible contribution to the process of destruction of materials. This mechanism is fundamental in widespread torsion (jet) mills (for example, in Japan). The resonant and vortex mill TORNADO is a gasdynamic mill where the multicascade adiabatic resonant and impact milling is realized at a speed of impacts close to destruction threshold. For torsion (blast) mills the use of compressed air at pressures of 0.7-1.4 MPa is typical, in the vortex mill “Tornado”, however, a similar effect is reached with 0.2-0.6 MPa that substantially decreases expenses and makes possible to obtain particularly fine powders, which cannot be obtained by other methods. Due to adiabatic expansion, temperature reduction of the operating environment occurs that allows prevention of local heating and thermal degradation of the material that is being milled. The milling chamber does not contain rotating and chafing parts that significantly increases its operational life, simplifies its construction, facilitates its maintenance and cleaning, and makes it possible to avoid milling foreign materials into the final product; Constructional solutions applied to equipment production ensure a significant reduction of power costs for production of powders in comparison with counterparts. The fact that is important for concentrating processes: for milling non-uniform materials, such modes of milling are available that due to the resonance the various components are milled to various sizes that allows to carry out their desintegration.movable Unit

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