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The EDGE Slayer XL, twin shaft, slow speed shredder provides an additional 20% more throughput than the smaller Slayer X. Powered via a Caterpillar, 350hp engine; the Slayer XL has superb fuel economy with an average fuel consumption of just 25-30ltr/hr (7-8 USG) and offers operators with the lowest running and maintenance shredder on the market. It can be supplied with up to 12 different chamber configurations; making the shredder suitable for a vast range of applications including wood waste, domestic household waste and construction and demolition waste.

This combined with impressive features such as tramp metal cycles and intelligent load sensing makes the EDGE high torque, slow speed shredder the perfect solution for the removing of difficult to shred materials, volume reduction and intricate piece sizing.

Engineered to run at a lower rotor RPM, without comprising on production rates, our Slayer Series helps to produce a final material product with much lower dust percentage. Ultimately operators of high speed grinders can be assured of greater uptime, vastly reduced maintenance and running costs while giving superior final product quality when integrating an EDGE primary, slow speed shredder into their production process.



Shredder area of 1.96m x 2m (6’5” x 6’6”) and hopper capacity of 3.5m³ (4.6yards³)
Intelligent self-protecting control system
Lowest maintenance cost grinder on the market
On-board load sensing diagnostics
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