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A important part of the Green Energy Industrial Park is the structuring producing and delivery of electric power. Each facility has up to 2GW electric power generating infrastructure. The engineering team together with the host location authorities will configure the right types Equipments. You must order the basic element for basic finance and the AVIS Construction department will edit the order to the particular requirements.

The Planning, design and maintenance of a smart distribution grid are complex tasks for municipalities and distribution grid operators. The ability to seamlessly integrate sensors, actuators, communication and IT systems into the existing infrastructure significantly reduces these challenges. Intelligent transformer substations – with switchgear, transformers, protection devices, as well as telecontrol and automation solutions – allow applications for higher reliability of supply. Intelligent transformer substations as key components of the modern distribution grid In the future, transformer substations will become a key component in the distribution grid. Intelligent transformer substations allow for: • Management of the low-voltage distribution grid with handling of meter data, compensation of reactive power and harmonics, regulation of the distribution transformer, as well as the coordination of supply and load • Supervision and control of the transformer substation on the mediumvoltage side regarding fault location and automatic recovery of supply. • Provision and transmission of measured values and indications from the medium- and low-voltage system

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Siemens Generator Spare Parts Pack

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