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Grid Connected Solution – Semi-Autonomous In the grid-connected solution, electricity generated on-site is stored in a Cell Cube for use as needed. This allows to effectively utilize both public and private power sources to maximize cost savings by taking advantage of the most competitive energy utility rates while maintaining an uninterrupted power supply. The solution for the micro grid: on-site generation of electricity through decentralized systems, including diesel generators or renewable energy sources combined with a high-performance, scalable Cell Cube energy storage system. This makes micro grids a viable solution for the company’s energy needs. Cell Cube offers uninterruptible power and significant cost savings. GILDEMEISTER energy solutions offers comprehensive support in developing the ideal micro grid solution, be it semiautonomous or autonomous. With the CELL cube high energy rates will be avoided trough renewable energy generated on-site and stored in Cell Cube for significant annual cost savings.



GENERATORS MagnetPermanent AV10KW/h

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