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Solar Hall – Description of Service Building The building that will host all technological AVIS CCC process equipment is an industrial building – a metal steel structure that meets international guidelines and standards. For each plant, an analytical construction study is implemented in order to receive all respective permits from the local authorities to build. The building compartments are the following: 1. Main receiving hall for biomass 2. Hall for biomass processing before entering the CCC–reactor 3. Reactor hall for biomass conversion to synthetic diesel 4. CHP – unit hall 5. Electrical substation hall 6. Diesel containers 7. Offices and Sanitary installation 8. Reception The building floor is made by hardened industrial flooring. A concrete cutting machine is used to make parallel, precision linear cuts to repair possible joints in the concrete floor. A self-propelled vehicle follows a linear track segment accurately positioned with respect to the path of a linear cut to be made in the concrete floor. A carriage supported by the vehicle is vertically positioned with respect to the floor and a table supported by the carriage is horizontally positioned with respect to the vehicle. A cutting blade and motor drive are supported by the table, permitting the blade to be accurately positioned relative to the joint. The cutting blade is enclosed and may be immersed continuously in a recirculated coolant during cutting of the concrete floor.

Solar Panel Glass

The current invention provides a building-integrated solar roof element panel, referred to as a photovoltaic (BIPV) roof element, which is adapted to be fitted onto a pitched roof. The Skin of the building is covered with transparent solar panels in order to collect the solar power, to be converted to electric power that will be used for the AVIS CCC building to cover its own energy needs. The electrical power surplus will be delivered to the grid and/or will be stored daily to be used for greenhouse artificial light (see 4.0.). Due to this process, the industrial park will be energy independent.



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