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20.000.000 metric tons unsorted garbage delivery contingent.
We are selling now OPTIONs for 1000 metric tons to the harbour MOTRIL, Spain.
Each option cost –EUR10,000.00– (EUR -Ten thousand) for an OPTION of ONE thousand metric tons, free delivery to Motril, Spain
Conditions: The price of EUR120,00 for each metric ton municipal waste could vary depending of the waste quality to be delivered. Ask a detailed offer.
Standard Euro Keys will be applicable. List of keys click here
The full price must be paid before we accept the delivery and discharge in our harbour.

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We launch the largest Waste Management Facility in Spain and accepting all kind of waste delivered free to our harbour. The facility will have by the end of coming year 20million metric tones capacity / year. We accept Municipal, Industrial and Toxic waste and will convert using VORTEX mills 100% of the garbage to Nano Powder for the 3D printing industry. The Gate Fee should be about EUR 120,00 free harbour per/metric tones for unsorted crude municipal waste. For handling of Industrial and Toxic waste will be a different price calculated.

Please acquire your contingent for year deliveries.

Contracts Online – Register and Documentations you will find here

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