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The Fund Certificate you will have for instant download and you will be able to manage and trade it in our international Wallet account(still under developing). Every month you receive 1 % interest income accredited in cash in your AVISPay wallet. The Certificates are to be traded at the Luxembourg Exchange shortly. (Other condition will apply). Each Certificate could be exchanged against a fraction of a property in the High Tech Paradise City in Motril, Spain. Each property has 365 fractions. More details and distribution we will disclose in due course.


The Fund management offer an exciting opportunity for taxpayers to invest in a portfolio of tax deduction-qualifying Franchise Companies generating long term and Government-related institutions and predictable returns from the operation of renewable energy-generating projects in the world. The Certificates are convertible for property in our high tech city in Spain under term and conditions to be still defined. (Please read carefully term and conditions and the Fund Prospective).

The Fund will be managed by AVIS Capital LTD and an London, Luxembourg, Bahrain and Cayman licensed experienced team, and shall be promoted by AVIS Capital LTD and AVIS Bank the trading name is AVIS CAP, and is a member of the AVIS Global Energy Group, which has raised over USD/Euros Two billion from Governments and investors to date since its inception.

The Manager is seeking to raise up to £20 billions of capital for the Fund (subject to its discretion to increase the target raise) for 120 green energy facilities contracted until today.

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