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Denomination: €5,000.00
ISIN CH0509271034 / VALOR 50927103
Delivery: SES/Clearstream/Euroclear
Market Value 103+/- (Please check day pricing)
Application we made at the Luxembourg Green Bond and  Bahrain Exchange
Broker dealer: Luxembourg Syndicate
Please read all about the risk involved investing in the derivatives market
A dream comes true. During next 5 years we 3D print the world first green technology city. A research Center for more than 5000 scientists, engineers, professors and its families for the final editing of alternative energy and nano powder created by VORTEX milling of all kind of garbage and its purity separation. For 3D printing technologies and anti-aging nano technology research. The final research and 3D construction of the first free green energy power station based on HMD and similar generator technology.
Phase I: on 91.000m2 and 63.000m2 the taxfree harbour zone with the 20.000.000metric tone waste converting to nano powder facility. With research building for up to 3000 high quality jobs. The new unique tax-free corporate register IT platform. The new unique tax-free super-yacht, merchant shipping, airplane register and stock exchange IT platform.
Phase II: on 2.000.000m2 the traffic free AVIS Planet green paradise city in Nautilus formatting for up to 50.000 seaside apartments on a floating city with, commercial centers, nano technology, IT and 3D designing university.


The AVIS 5EUR MTN Note Issue Program private placement opportunity stands for:
-a core income product
-a fixed rate of return of [5.00%] p.a. every year
-a potential willingness to support a unique green energy development
-a secondary market to provide liquidity where necessary, subject to normal market conditions

An investment subject to AVIS Capital Limited credit risk in order to receive a higher return compared to cash products through exposure to the rates markets.
The Issuance of this Notes are an intention of offering a minimal risk Note about the collateral basked assembling quality including the insurance warp securing the Notes. The Notes are exclusive for qualified investors interesting in green energy investments and supporting activities. The AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks are a unique example of high technology development with 15 years history.
The Issuer intent to minimize the risk about the collateral basket value. In a potential event of insolvency of the Issuer the collateral basket maintains its assets value. Read carefully the Term and Conditions under Pledged Assets in the Notes Offering memorandum. Even in an event of a financial crisis among the financial market whereby bank products could lose its entirely value the collateral basked maintain its value about the investment into the Green Energy industrial Parks. The Note holders benefit from the overall pledge of the constructed Equities and the Insurance wrap covering any risk event of these Equities.
The Fund management offer an exciting opportunity for any individual and corporation to participate on the AVIS Bank Euro MT Program worldwide development.
We offer into the private market and for Franchise Members the “Secured Notes, Series 1 issued by: AVIS Capital LTD. The Notes are issued by AVIS Capital LTD. (“AVIS Energy”), a wholly owned subsidiary of AVIS Global Energy LTD. (“AVIS Global”), and will be secured by cash deposits and rated Insurance Binder wrap, notes, bonds, Bank Guarantees, MTNs or other debt securities (the “Bonds”).
ISIN CH0509271034 / VALOR 50927103
During the next months the Notes will be registered at the exchange and trade will start. The Notes will be delivered via SIX/Euroclear/Clearstram by standard delivery protocol and syndicated by 6 Luxembourg Banks
Syndicat Base Prospect
AVIS Strategic Plan 2017 -2022
Term Sheet Principal
Consolidated Audit Report 2017 / 2018 / 2019
SIX Screen Printout
AVIS Strategic Plan 2017 – 2022
Term Sheet Short Summary
Term Sheet Euroclear Register
Offering Memorandum
Pricing Supplement
Global Note
The AVIS Principal Project
AVIS Capital
Fund Management


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