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Your sales contract or pro-forma invoice or purchase order between the buyer (applicant) and seller (beneficiary) along with your requirements such as LC, SBLC or any other documents and a draft of your requested LC. 

Upon approval of draft, we will send KYC requests and security documents which must be signed, independently witnessed, and notarized by an authorized lawyer.

Upon receipt of soft documents to our satisfactory level, we will request you to courier the docs and remit our charges.

Once we receive our charges along with all the requested docs, we will SWIFT the instrument to beneficiary bank.

Beneficiary to ship goods and courier shipping documents to AVIS Logistic LTD

Upon receipt of docs, we will send compliance approved responses to the beneficiary bank.

Documents for goods will be released as per the terms and conditions of the issuer terms and issued trade instrument.

The applicant must pay the beneficiary at maturity date for any liability remains.

Download the DLC Order Form fill and upload below together with associated documents


Additional information

Initial Order Deposit

AVIS Logistic handles all trades of the AVIS Global Group. Cash deposit will be required for the issuance. Depending of risk involvements the cost of the DLC will be about 12% of the value. The DLC will be issued by Global Fidelity Bank a 100% subsidiary of the AVIS Global Group. Any security is 120% cash backed.

SWIFT Routing

Issuer SWIFT ID BIC GLFDKYKY, Global Fidelity Bank, Cayman a 100% subsidiary of the AVIS Global Group. We maintain with about 300 banks RMA agreements. At extra fee we are able to deliver confirmed by Deutsche Bank and Barclays Bank


We will issue the draft along with the quote. (about 12% you should calculated as cost of a confirmed DLC, depending of risk. We will require an initial deposit of EUR 25,000.00. The final quote we will calculate after all documents are in our position.

Convertible Fund Certificate

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