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The Share Option Certificate you will have for instant download and you will be able to manage and trade it in our international Wallet account. Every months you receive a fraction income of the pre-calculated dividend accredited in cash in your AVISPay wallet. Each Certificate are 1000 ordinary shares of the Bank


AVIS Bank Share Certificate

The Fund management offer an exciting opportunity for any individual and corporation to participate on the AVIS Bank worldwide development. 3 Banks have been acquired in 2019 by the AVIS Global Group and the Group hired high class experts to reform the bank up to the register at the stock exchange. The 3 Banks erected an cloud based server for the automated creation of accounts based on Fintech and combination of VISA and MasterCard including Unionpay net. The capital of the banks will be increased in tranches up to USD 1,000,000,000.00 and new shares will be issued.

During the next months the bank will be registered at the exchange and trade will start.

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