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About regulatory reason you must become a Franchise Member before we are able to develop your project using our infrastructure.

Depending of the size of your project please purchase a minimum amount of shares. Read carefully Terms & Conditions, particular $31.

1,00 (one) Stock Certificate are 10 shares of the holding Corporation AVIS Global Energy Limited a UK Corporation. The Firm will be shortly public traded. The shares you purchased you will be able to trade in our AVISPay Wallet account.

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Global Fidelity Bank a subsidiary of AVIS Global Group

Banking for the world

In London and Cayman the Fund Managers working hard to be soon as possible at the Cayman Exchange. It’s a unique opportunity to be a part of the most important green energy project worldwide. In latest 3 months the price of the shares will be depending of the stock market value. AVIS Global Energy LTD is a United Kingdom holding. The corporation has in total 5,000,000,000 shares issued. Each share to GBP 1.00 and all stocks are fully paid. The firms holds the international shares and participations of the Franchise Members and subsidiaries. The Share are traded at the desk of Global Fidelity Bank, Cayman a subsidiary of the AVIS Global Group. Delivered will be the stock by certificate and later by book entry to Clearstream/DTC.

The Shares will be tradable in your AVISPay international wallet account!

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AVIS Global Group (PLC) with its subsidiary AVIS Bank and AVIS Capital is the infrastructure finance department of the AVIS Global Energy Group of Firms.

AVIS Global Energy Limited is an international Waste to Energy company with a global strategy and industrial parks in operation as well as under development in numerous countries since the AVIS Global Energy franchise project was established in 2007. AVIS Global Energy has been spearheading a worldwide business model designed to positively impact communities around the world. By alleviating municipal waste and converting to Nano Powder for the 3D printing industries, it will help to transform the current global environmental and health problems into real solutions by generating clean energy resources, providing overall sanitation improvements and ensuring real, sustainable organic food production. Global challenges demand innovative thinking. AVIS Global Green Energy Industrial Parks are the result of such innovative thinking. As the human population increases, so does the strain on the environment caused by intensive energy demands, aggressive exploitation of natural resources and massive accumulation of waste. As of today, the AVIS Global Group of firms has reached above 120 facility developments in South America and further 80 around the world.

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