We don't just talk about changing the worlds energy production - We make it happen today for our children of tomorrow


from 2005 until 2019

June 2005 Zurich,

The founder of AVIS Global Energy acquired the company’s name through the purchase of AVIS Financial Corporation (an ex-member of AVIS Rent a Car) and secured the name in an ICC proceeding. The company name and logo were subsequently secured as worldwide trademarks. The AVIS Global Energy project has been developed between 2007 until 2009 in London, whereby all legal documents and administration requirements could be created by first class law firms and managers. The issuance of green energy Medium Term Notes has been processed and launched.

In 2009 the engineering erected a test facility to prove the technology in a secrete place in Germany. In 2013 the scientist of the technology, behind the engineers, erected in Spain the first industrial scale demonstration plant.

2009 until 2015 the AVIS Team developed around the World subsidiaries and Franchise firms’ infrastructures for the final construction launch of Green Industrial Parks. The technology of the green industrial parks has been constantly improved and adjusted to combat against environmental disaster, old outdated energy production, CH2 and hunger.

During the years the AVIS Team learned the strange negative streaming in politics and banking against the project of AVIS. Clear understandable then the project represents a generally impacting competition against the today existing energy producer and industrial power lobby behind politics. Therefore, AVIS erected its own independent banking world based on Fintech Technology.

2016 as the production of agro diesel generated from waste is not a clean green politic the AVIS team joint new engineering teams with state-of-the-art technology capable to convert all quality of garbage into Nano Powder.

2017 The AVIS Team started in Valdetorres, Spain the remodeling project of converting the old Bio Diesel facility installation into a high-tech Nano Powder demonstration plant. The facility is capable to convert up to 5,000,000 metric tons of garbage.

2019 The AVIS Team joined one of the most advanced Kinetic Fusion 3D Printer producer, perfect to print all products from the now pure new Nano Powder material that has been ones just Garbage.

Further VIP Joint Ventures has been established representing a second live for the millions of tones garbage that every city produces every single day.

The Green Energy Facilities produce in different sections millions of metric tons organic pure alternative meet from fruits and high sea fish.